Give your clients affordable life insurance death benefit protection with the certainty of a guarantee plus optional living benefit

PL Promise GUL is designed with the broad market in mind. Go ahead, see what we mean.


  • No-lapse Guarantee Universal Life (GUL) design²
  • One of a few in the industry with a Return of Premium feature at no cost
  • Lower minimum face amount of $25,000 offers a more affordable alternative to whole life insurance
  • ADDED CONSUMER PROTECTION: premiums can be paid up to 30 days early or late without impacting the intended no-lapse guarantee


  • $250K+ face amounts
  • Level pay and single pay scenarios
  • Competitive premiums on shorter guarantee periods (age 90-100)
  • PL Smooth Sailing³ predictable fluidless underwriting up to and including $1 million in coverage available for ages 50-69


¹ PL PROMISE GUL No-Lapse Guarantee Universal Life Insurance.  Policy Form #P18PRUL and S18PRUL or ICC18 P18PRUL and ICC18S18PRUL, based on the state of policy issue. 

²The No-Lapse Guarantee Rider (form #R17LYFNL or ICC17 R17LYFNL, based on state of policy issue) is included in the policy at no additional charge. The No-Lapse Guarantee, depending  on how your client structures their policy, has a maximum duration of the insured’s lifetime, subject to certain limits. If your client’s net no-lapse guarantee value is zero, the no-lapse feature terminates. If the no-lapse feature terminates, additional premiums would be required to resume the no-lapse guarantee. If policy performance is such that your client’s policy is being maintained solely by the no-lapse guarantee, your client’s policy will not build cash value.

³ PL Smooth Sailing is available with PL PROMISE TERM Level Premium Term Life Insurance (Policy Form #P16LYT or ICC16 P16LYT and S16LYT 10, S16LYT 15, S16LYT 20, S16LYT 25, or S16LYT 30, based on level premium period chosen and state of policy issue), and PL PROMISE GUL No-Lapse Guarantee Universal Life Insurance (Policy Form #P18PRUL and S18PRUL or ICC18 P18PRUL and ICC18 S18PRUL, based on state of policy issue). The total amount of life insurance coverage applied for and inforce with Pacific Life may not exceed $1 million.

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