Planning for Tax Uncertainty in Retirement

92% of Americans Claim Protecting Wealth is Important to Them*

Yet, only 13% feel “very prepared” to protect their wealth against risks such as taxes.*

Because tax laws are constantly changing, it’s hard to predict what tax exposure your clients will face in retirement. But you can help clients plan to mitigate future tax risk by diversifying their retirement income strategy with Lincoln cash value life insurance. More than death benefit protection, it’s an asset that can provide your clients these advantages in retirement:

1)A tax-efficient financial resource — through income tax-free policy loans and withdrawals.1

2)No penalties — for early retirees who take income before age 59 ½.1

3)No required withdrawals — for individuals who don’t want to take minimum distributions at age 70½.

4)Greater income potential — with participating loans that offer continued growth potential for policy cash value, including outstanding loans2


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for Tax Efficient Retirement

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*Lincoln Financial Group : M.O.O.D. Study of America, 2016.

1Distributions are through loans and withdrawals, which will reduce a policy’s cash value and death benefit. Loans are not considered income and are not taxable while withdrawals are tax free up to the policy’s cost basis, provided the policy is not a MEC.

2Availabe with the Lincoln VUL and Lincoln IUL products.

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